Inmotion V8s Electric Unicycle

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728 watt hours
DC 84V * 1.5A
Max Load
120 kg/265 lbs
1,000 watts nominal
Tire Size
16 inch × 1.95
Top Speed
30 kmh / 20 mph

Product Information

Classic Reborn With Double The Battery

For many years the Inmotion V8 provided a light, affordable, and consistent wheel for the folks who were starting their EUC journey or those who wanted something agile and lightweight. The V8F improved the original design with a more powerful motor and larger pedals and now, the V8S takes it further with double the battery capacity and only one more pound.

What Makes It Classic?

The V8S continues the features that made the original V8 amazing to live with. Unlike the bulky heavy wheels, the V8S has a slim frame, and a flush trolley handle. Weighing in at a surprising 33 pounds, V8S is punchy and agile when riding, but is also great for learners. Learning is rapid with this wheel since the slim frame is so much easier to control.

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