Battery BMS

iOS Download

Apple Store: Link

Android APK 

Download in this link :

Bluetooth connection password 1234
Parameter setting password 123456

JK BMS manual or protocols download in this link :

Very important : Newest BMS must use newest app! Cannot use old app to change parameters!

Newest version Android phone APP and computer software download link :
Copy the link and open in another browser!



APP/Computer software level 1- level 4 password : 12345678 or 00000000
APP/Computer software level 5 password : 123456789abc or 000000000000
after vertify level 5 , you can set up parameters

APP connection need to pay attention to these :
1. Activate the BMS , the BMS Bluetooth led is flashing.
2. Must agree to open location permission when you are installing app. And also remember to open your phone positioning.
3 . Put the phone near BMS, some phones need more time. Sometime you have to clicks connects several times to connect
4. Set up lifepo4 or li-ion or lto setting in control page of app, then click save